The results of the project “NOVONIR. New low-cost miniaturized NIR technology for the determination of quality parameters in-situ in the meat sector” are presented.

On March 30, 2021, a webinar was held organized by the two clusters, NAGRIFOOD (Navarra) and INNOVACC (Catalonia), participants in the NOVONIR project that has received funding from the AEI 2020 line of the Ministry of Industry.

The NULAB technology company (which is part of the SECPHO cluster) has also participated in the project, together with the collaboration of IRTA, and as a meat processor, Carnicas Kiko, SA has participated.

Moments of the webinar from Mar 30, 2021

Within the project, a small-sized NIR (hardware) equipment has been designed and developed that has been compared with an international equipment (SCIO) with the use of processed meat (chorizo) to know the robustness of the equipment to measure water and humidity activity.

NIR equipment designed and developed by NULAB

Artificial Intelligence technology has been incorporated into the equipment, with programmed algorithms that, upon receiving input data, have been learning and optimizing measurement operations.

As final results, with the NULAB NIR equipment enhanced with AI they have achieved very low prediction errors:

  • For whole chorizo: 0,0038 in aw (R2 0,974) and 1,57 in humidity (R2 0,944)
  • For chopped chorizo: 0,0030 in aw (R2 0,985) and 0,73 in humidity (R2 0,988)

The new equipment can be used in two ways:

  • with autonomous use, without connection to PC or mobile
  • with USB connection or App
Display example of NULAB NIR equipment display

NOVONIR project presentation  

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