Itram Higiene launches a Solidarity Disinfection Kit in collaboration with the A. Bosch Foundation

With the aim of promoting research into childhood diseases, especially childhood cancerItram Higiene promotes the #SumateConItram campaign. A campaign that will allocate the total profits to the Fundació A. Bosch.

The 3 products included in this solidarity campaign have been selected with the aim of offering the public a complete kit for a complete disinfection against coronavirus. Thus, this pack contains the ideal products for proper cleaning and disinfection of work surfaces, as well as hands.

In this special pack you will find the following cleaning and disinfection products:

  • Brunet is a product with a high degreasing power suitable for all types of surfaces including the surfaces of the food industry. Specially designed for the quick cleaning of surfaces for common use. It is applied by pure direct spray and at room temperature.
  • Bactiviri is a viricicide, bactericidal and fungicide disinfectant product for the disinfection of all types of work surfaces. Suitable for the disinfection of offices, the food industry, industry and the general collective. Suitable for contact disinfections: Surfaces, equipment and fabrics. Product registered with AEMPS. Registration number 20-20/40/90-10658-HA and 20-20/40/90-10658.
  • Farmitram Bac, antiseptic for healthy skin. Hydroalcoholic solution with direct application to the hands without the need for water or rinse. Viral, bactericidal, fungicide, tuberculicide and levuricide disinfectant. Product registered with AEMPS. Registration number AEMPS 652-DES ROESP B-0318-S.

Itram Higiene will allocate 100% of the profits obtained from this solidarity campaign to the research of the A. Bosch Foundation in childhood diseases. A solidarity campaign with two objectives:

  • Make available to the general public hand disinfection products and all types of surfaces.
  • To support research projects in childhood diseases, with special impact on childhood cancer.

The new COVID-19 disinfectant kit can be purchased directly from Itram Higiene by sending an email to For all participants of this Solidarity Kit, they will be able to participate in the draw that they will find in their packs sharing their kits on the networks with the tag #SumateConItram.