Porinox Porpanel, the new polypropylene panel to create custom and more hygienic panels on farms

Porinox ahead of the new needs of the market, has designed a new product line, designed for the creation of more efficient and productive pens.


It is a panel with a smooth surface and base measures of 151x100x5cm, made up of an internal reticulated structure and made by injection of polypropylene, which offers robustness and guarantees adequate mechanical resistance as well as insulating properties.


Its composition and design allow it to be cut to any length and weld several panels together to achieve the dimensions and surface required for each project.

Porpanel offers important advantages among other systems of separation, like a greater hygiene and disinfection with any agent and a diminution of the purí, manufacturing to measure of the customer and a system of setting and installation versatile, fast and of big solidity.

Additionally, the own manufacture allows to personalize the color and even the logo.

However, Porinox has a technical office capable of carrying out the project of sizing and distribution of the fences and elements necessary to equip any ship according to customer specifications.


The uses are not only for livestock use, but thanks to its hygienic properties it can also be used for industrial applications such as pedestrian doors, wall coverings or even furniture.


tec@porinox.com (Bruna Guix – Technical department)

T. 972 692 085