INNOVACC-AGROALIM collaboration agreement

On June 22, 2021 the meat cluster of Catalonia INNOVACC and the agri-food cluster of Nuevo León-Mexico AGROALIM signed a collaboration agreement with the presence of Esteve Espuña (president of INNOVACC), Javier Yesaki (vice president of AGROALIM), Eudald Casas (manager of INNOVACC), Nydia Orué (manager of AGROALIM).

The agreement provides:

  • Facilitate contacts between the members of the two clusters.
  • Promote innovation and / or investment projects between members of the two clusters.
  • Carry out joint activities (inter-cluster conferences or others) between members of the two clusters.
  • Assist each cluster, the members of the other cluster, in the preparation of internationalization actions in the area where the host cluster operates.
  • Promote business agreements between members of the two clusters.
  • Carry out communication actions of:

– the activities carried out between the two clusters.

– innovation projects developed by members of a cluster that are of interest to the other cluster.

– events of particular importance, where members of one cluster wish to invite members of the other cluster.

The agreement is annual and will be extended if the two clusters see fit.

AGROALIM is a non-profit civil association whose mission is to promote competitiveness, sustainability and the generation of business opportunities in the agri-food sector of the northeast region of Mexico. It currently has 117 partners.
INNOVACC is a non-profit business association, which represents the cluster of the Catalan meat sector, and its main objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the sector through innovation and cooperation. It currently has 106 partners.

On 7 and 8 July 2021 the two clusters have organized a conference on sustainability:

We encourage all partners of the two clusters to participate.