eSynapsing advisors accredited by ACCIÓ

eSynapsing Business Intelligence is a technology company specialized mainly:

  1. In the design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for real-time business management.
  2. In the development of custom applications in the cloud.

We are accredited by ACCIÓ as consultants in the following different areas of expertise and RIS3CAT sectorial areas: Operations and organization and Industry 4.0. This allows us to help different companies to solve their needs for evolution towards Industry 4.0 within the framework of the ACCIÓ programs.

Our mission is to help our customers evolve towards Industry 4.0 by advising them and / or providing them with the specific tools that each customer needs in order to achieve transformation.

One of the strategic keys is to be able to have real-time data on the different areas / processes of the company in order to be able to make the appropriate strategic decisions that adapt to the reality of each of them.

At eSynapsing we provide our customers with the right tools to analyze their data sources, regardless of origin or type, to solve management problems, with the utmost accuracy and speed.

eSynapsing is made up of a team of Business Intelligence specialists. Our team of professionals uses the technology and tools of Microsoft Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI, a leading and pioneering company in the industry worldwide.

eSynapsing offers speed, agility and self-service, transcendent in decision making, as well as scalability, security and control, vital to the success of your business.