GEDPRO – Advisors accredited by ACCIÓ in Taxation in R + D + i

Gestió de Projectes Vallbona (GEDPRO), company with more than 30 years of experience in the management of industrial projects of investment, research and development, energy and environment; and member of the Network of Partners of Catalonia Trade & Investment, has an accreditation in Taxation in R + D + i of the Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company (hereinafter ACTION). This accreditation demonstrates and reinforces the expertise in the integral management of the different fiscal incentives R + D + i related to the realization of technological developments and in the supply of differential technology that allows to intensify the technological value of products, processes, services and / or or business models.

GEDPRO, among other aid consulting services, offers the comprehensive management of these incentives with the priority objective of helping companies to maximize the profitability of their activity and innovative investment at the same time. to ensure maximum security in the justification and application of these incentives.

This security can be achieved through proper planning, good preparation of project documentation and, in particular, by obtaining the motivated Report of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICIU).

Obtaining the report has an associated cost as it is necessary to previously go through an entity accredited by ENAC, however, from ACCIO encourages access to companies in these incentives by offering coupons to taxation, where subsidizes a large part of the cost associated with obtaining certificates in R & D & I.

For all this, GEDPRO encourages companies to maximize the application of these tax incentives and benefits, and offers free consulting to detect potential tax incentives to be obtained.

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