MOLspaces advisors accredited by ACCIÓ


We are pleased to announce that at MOLspaces we are ACCIÓ accredited consultants in the RIS3CAT Technology and Industry 4.0 areas of specialization.

At MOLspaces we write software for NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) analysis, for interconnection in laboratory and plant processes, and we customize it according to the characteristics of each industry.

In online analytics, chemometric software controls sensors, validates readings, transforms them into analytics, writes analytics to the production database, and prepares reports relevant to plant and management needs.

At MOLspaces we write software that simplifies both the control and maintenance of the analytical system. Repetitive chemometric treatments (such as calibrations in natural products of seasonal variability) are stipulated according to the specificities of the analytes, sensors and spectrographs, and according to the particular work environment of the company. The appropriate protocols and algorithms are then implemented in the software and automated.

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