Eurecat has 23 advisers accredited by ACCIÓ

Eurecat is a private Technology Center that integrates capabilities and experience in food, biotechnology, sustainability, industrial technologies and digitization.

Eurecat currently has 23 advisers accredited by ACCIÓ in different areas of expertise and sectorial areas such as: Technology, Food, Biotechnology, Strategy, Operations and Organization, Circular Economy, Innovation Management and Industry 4.0, among others, which can provide response to the challenges of companies in the different categories of Coupons to business competitiveness: Industry 4.0 Diagnosis Coupons, Industry 4.0 Implementation Coupons, Technology Coupons, Circular Economy Coupons, New Disruptive Initiatives Coupons and Management Coupons and Innovation Processes. The planned publication of the new call for coupons for business competitiveness of ACCIÓ will be next March 2021.

Eurecat collaborates with the food industry in R & D & I activities and projects and offers advanced scientific-technological services to develop new ingredients and foods according to the preferences and well-being of consumers and taking into account key factors of sustainable food production, with new models and advanced technologies that allow the improvement of agri-food products and processes. Food industry 4.0, connected, intelligent, flexible and sustainable, aimed at creating value in healthy, convenient and safe food products, for informed, digital consumers aware of the relationship between nutrition and health.

Lines of work:

– Product concept and design
– Validation of the health effect
– Technology and food safety
– Toxicity and ecotoxicity studies
– Packaging
– Agricultural and livestock 4.0 management
– Circular economy and sustainability, Industrial Ecology and environmental impact, Integral Water Cycle
– Food industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Data analytics, cybersecurity, Artificial vision, Virtual reality, Robotics and Automation, Modeling and simulation, Solutions in materials and mitigation of corrosion processes, Training.
– Valuation and marketing of products and technologies, Knowledge of customers and the market