Inforolot has accredited ACCIÓ advisors

The Inforolot staff includes members validated by the ACCIÓ program of the Generalitat de Catalunya. This seal accredits professionals to act as a link between public subsidies and companies, so that they can improve their productive and management capacity.

The main objective of this initiative is that workers with a background in the different sectors of the Catalan business fabric can guide organizations in internal management projects, to improve their activity through public resources.

Who can qualify for ACCIÓ benefits?

Inforolot wants to make known the opportunity to companies that are part of INNOVACC so that they can take advantage of this initiative. Any organization that is considering a project related to digital transformation, industry 4.0 or has needs related to technological elements, can benefit from the coupons.

The ACCIÓ program has recognized the members of Inforolot according to the area of expertise “Operations and organization” thanks to carrying out business management projects through computer solutions. Advisors support the implementation of programs through:

  • Identify key actions and opportunities to improve company results.
  • Establish methodologies for converting identified good practices into good habits.
  • Tools for improving the day-to-day management of the company.
  • Act as a liaison between the company and the ACTION programs.

If you are interested in this initiative or have any concerns about improving your organization, please email We will be at your disposal to listen to all proposals and guide companies to achieve the goals set.