Itram Higiene presents a new reusable container IBC300L

From ITRAM HIGIENE consider that “Respect for the environment is an essential component of our activities and objectives.” For this reason, they believe that “ensuring profitability in the treatment of packaging of our customers, our responsibility.”

In this sense, they continue to work on their commitment to the environment and strengthen their range of products with sustainable packaging that will ensure less generation of plastics and the maximum use of the life cycle of each of them.

We present a new reusable IBC300L container

It manages to optimize chemical storage safely and sustainably.
• Being compact and stackable, it takes up less space.
• By being reusable (6-8 times), it reduces plastic production.
• Its implementation, through add-ons and additional equipment, increases good handling practices and the safety of people who apply it.

This format will be available for most ITRAM products, starting in April 2020 and is presented as the best alternative to the use of individual bottles.

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