MasterTop BC 372EPA, the innovative solution for conductive-electrostatic ESD floors

Master Builders Solutions® launches MasterTop BC 372EPA, the innovative solution for conductive-electrostatic ESD flooring

  • Fiber-free, for the MasterTop 1273 flooring range
  • Resistant to abrasion and heavy traffic
  • Simple handling and easy installation

With the introduction of MasterTop BC 372EPA to the European market, Master Builders Solutions® adds a new component to its MasterTop 1273 epoxy industrial flooring systems. The fiber-free solution is electrostatically conductive, has ESD properties and is suitable for Electrostatic Protected Areas – Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA).
Static electricity is a typical challenge in any plant for the production of computer components, photovoltaic systems or batteries for electric vehicles, as well as in the robotics sector, in hospitals or laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry. The electrical charge is generated even by very low friction levels, such as those that occur between footwear and the pavement when walking. Uncontrolled discharge of static electricity can damage sensitive electrical equipment and can have serious consequences for products, equipment and people.
“With our conductive flooring from Master Builders Solutions, the electrostatic charge is dissipated in a safe and controlled way,” explains Daniel Ramos, Technical Manager Industrial Flooring Europe.
“This means that our range of flooring contributes to productivity and quality assurance in production plants and facilities in many of today’s leading industries,” continues Ramos.

MasterTop 1273 is a modular flooring system that provides tailor-made solutions for various customer requirements; where specific properties can be modified or added by selecting from a wide range of available components. For example, if flooring is to provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) or is used to ground personnel handling electrostatic discharge sensitive devices (ESDS), MasterTop BC 372EPA is the right choice.
“Our MasterTop systems can be adapted to all imaginable challenges,” emphasizes Ramos. “Our technical experts will not only find the right solution, but with their extensive experience and knowledge, they will ensure that each project is completed successfully.”

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