The results of the COLORO3 project are presented at the INNOVACC General Assembly

On June 21, 2021, during the Extraordinary General Assembly of INNOVACC, Natalia Gil (ACO) explained the work done in the COLORO3 project and the main results and conclusions.

COLORO3. Elimination of the color of industrial wastewater from a slaughterhouse by advanced oxidation

Participants: Frigoríficos del Nordeste SA, ACO Productos Polímeros SAU, INNOVACC

See presentation here.

Natàlia Gil recalled the importance of reducing the consumption of fresh water and ensuring its reuse. In pig abattoirs, about 250-550 liters are consumed per slaughtered animal.

This project focused on optimizing the quality of pig slaughterhouse effluents, with advanced oxidation (ozone) to reduce blood and pathogen concentrations. We have worked with “ozone in blood” and “ozone in water”.

Through a pilot plant, different samples of the treatment plant were treated with very positive results, with the values of the quality of the water treated well below the reuse parameters from the 80 minutes of permanence (show 6 of the following photo).

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