SIGMA offers guidance and consulting to companies to implement the AWS STAMP “Alliance for Water Stewardship”

AWS is a cluster of companies, NGOs and public institutions from around the world that takes measures to preserve water from an environmental point of view.

It grants recognition to those entities that demonstrate that they apply and promote the correct management of this resource.

You can check out their website at:

To demonstrate how a company performs good water management, an “AWS standard” must be followed in which, step by step, that company is guided in small actions to complete this good management.

Sigma is not only a member of AWS, but can offer guidance and consulting to companies to implement this standard and be recognized as good water managers worldwide.

More and more companies are part of this set of institutions committed to the environment. The list of AWS members is public:

Companies certified with the AWS SEAL have great recognition and offer an environmentally friendly image, which generates confidence in the company, a crucial aspect at a time when climate change is a global threat and environmental commitment tends to be a point of obligatory fulfillment.

The list of companies that already have AWS certification can be found here:

The advantages of being part of this community for meat companies, from the smallest or largest, are environmental recognition and the demonstration of a commitment to climate change, putting themselves at the level of large companies and adding adheres to the global trend of environmental management, which is increasingly becoming a mandatory action to maintain the level of recognition and trust in its customers.