The information of the Technical Seminar organized by INNOVACC on “Control and optimization of processes – Industry 4.0” is available

On October 27, 2021, Innovacc organized the technical seminar on “Process Control and Optimization – Industry 4.0”, in collaboration with the FECIC.

In this seminar, which was held online, about 50 people connected and could hear the following case studies:

  • The presentation by Ms. Carolina Viana from the company CT Ingenieros de Catalunya spoke about the Digital Twin in the agri-food sector where she explained a series of tools and case studies.

See presentation CT Ingenieros de Catalunya

Carolina Viana explained that the Digital Twin is being used to plan and detect bottlenecks in production processes or to anticipate problems, among others. Also to define productive resources (operators, raw materials, processes, robotics …) or logistical resources (trucks, AGV, conveyor belts, …). In this way, a reduction in stocks and raw materials, a reduction in labor costs, a better adjustment of work shifts and more reliable production forecasts can be achieved.

  • The presentation of Mr. Josep Nadal of the company MAPEX was on the benefits of the digitization of processes in the meat industry together with the case study explained by Mr. Alberto Ávila of the company Embotits Monells.

See presentation MAPEX – Embotits Monells

Josep Nadal of Mapex recalled that smart factories are based on the introduction of digital technologies in manufacturing processes through the automation of plant operations, digitizing the capture of information and control of indicators. The option he presented to do so is the MES “Manufacturing Execution System”, a technological platform for digital transformation that reduces costs and improves efficiency and quality..

Alberto Ávila of Embotits Monells explained his experience with the implementation of the MES system, indicating that this tool has allowed them to digitize the data collection at the factory to obtain reliable information and KPIs in real time, has helped them eliminate errors of labeling, have also been able to centralize all the information of the plant in a single platform and have a thorough control of product declines.

  • The presentation of Mr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez of Lenz Instruments was on Online Spectroscopic Systems, Features and Applications in the Framework of Industry 4.0.

See presentation LENZ Instruments

Juan Manuel Rodríguez explained the applications of Lenz Instruments used in the meat, recycling and photovoltaic sectors. He detailed different inspection systems with spectroscopy, with manual probes, automatic equipment or systems with robotic arm, which are being used to measure water retention capacity (PSE defects), fat quality,% of intramuscular fat, activity water, salt content and moisture.

  • Finally there was the presentation of Mr. Pedro Susarte from the company CSB-System who explained the application of RFID technology as an option to digitize processes in the smart factory.

See presentation CSB-System 

Pedro Susarte explained the most common uses of RFID, such as identification (transport units, animals, products, boxes, pallets), access control, time capture systems or authentication. He showed examples of each type of device and its application, mainly aimed at the meat sector. He explained connection models of these sensors with programs adapted by the CSB company for slaughter management, goods entry, material flow control, warehouse management, cutting management, production management, picking. The case studies presented were from the companies Incarlopsa, Sacalsa and Promessa.

Here you can watch the video of the session.

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