COLORO3. Removal of the color of industrial wastewater from a slaughterhouse by advanced oxidation

Approved project of the ACCIÓ IRC 2020 grant, “Competitive reinforcement” line.

Project description:
There is blood in the slaughterhouse’s wastewater and depending on the slaughterhouse’s recovery system, different wastewater treatment scenarios can be found. Within the meat industry it is difficult to standardize the process of treatment of these waters, not only globally, but at the level of the industry itself, as the discharge of water is variable and not constant during the day.

As part of this project, work will be done on the basic concept of Ozone Therapy and its application in the field of slaughterhouse wastewater.

Removal of the color of purified wastewater in a pig slaughterhouse by ozone dosing taking advantage of the concentration of blood in the water to generate advanced oxidation processes.

Work will be done at different doses and contact times to optimize the energy costs of the ozone generation process and investment costs.

Participants: Frigoríficos del Nordeste SA (NORFRISA), ACO Productos Polímeros SAU, INNOVACC.

Budget / aid Requested Budget / aid Approved:
Budget: 43.947,55€
Aid: 32.960,66€
Budget: 43.947,55€

Execution period: 1-Jan-2020 to 31-May-2021.

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