Bo de Debó chooses ITRAM HIGIENE as a partner in food hygiene

The processes of cleaning and disinfection within the food industry are increasingly important, but at the same time, more rigorous. Itram Higiene, in its desire to promote and contribute to the constant improvement of hygienic practices in the food industry, reaches an agreement with the company Bo de Debò to become its partner in food hygiene.

Itram Higiene and Bo de Debò, a leading company in pre-cooked products, have reached an agreement for the supply of cleaning equipment and chemicals and guaranteeing food safety.

Itram Hygiene is an expert in providing hygiene solutions for the food industry. This one, has of equipment of cleaning and disinfection advanced that facilitate the task of hygiene to the operators; as well as a wide range of chemicals and enzymes capable of effectively removing microorganisms from work surfaces.

The family business Bo de Debò has as a priority goal to achieve products with high quality, following controls throughout the production process to the final product to ensure the safety and security of all its products.

Thus, the manufacturer of prepared dishes has opted for the high-end cleaning equipment CS of Itram Hygiene and its chemicals to always maintain optimal hygiene in its new and modern production plant in Sant Vicenç de Castellet.

The equipment installed in the new plant is of last generation. They have centralized equipment for detergent and disinfectant which ensures accurate dosing, the reduction of chemicals in the production plant and improved safety for users who do not need to handle detergents. BOONS CS centralized satellites are connected by pipes to the CBU central chemical dosing unit and are equipped with a rinsing function, a stop function, a foam function and a disinfection function.

Pneumatically activated stainless steel ball valves are responsible for activating wash water and chemicals in the pipes. Together, stainless steel non-return valves are placed to prevent the return and mixing of different products in the pipes.

These satellites, installed in the Sant Vicenç de Castellet de Bo de Debò plant, are extremely easy to use thanks to a pneumatically operated selector switch built into a sloping stainless steel housing.

In the words of the quality manager of Bo de Debò: “Our main objective is to implement, together with Itram, an optimized and effective cleaning system, adapted to the needs of each process, in order to guarantee maximum safety and quality in our product.

In addition to the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, Itram Higiene, together with the quality department of Bo de Debò, develop all the cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure optimal hygiene of the new factory of the company of prepared dishes as well as ensuring food safety.