TH_CARN_4.0. Analysis and Optimization of thermal and hygrometric conditions of meat industry processes

Project approved by ACCIÓ’s IRC 2020 grant, “Development and Innovation” line.

Project description:

The industries involved in the project work in local, national and international markets and are therefore interested in improving aspects in order to increase their competitiveness, allowing them to grow even in a complicated macroeconomic moment, such as the present. In addition, they are interested in increasing both the quantity and quality of information of their processes, making use of innovative technologies such as IoT sensors, which allow very simple and agile deployments, with access to data and ease of posting. -certainly innovative process.

The project will study the technical feasibility of using connected temperature and relative humidity sensors (using NB IoT connectivity), analyzing the thermal and hygrometric conditions of both the cooling environment and the fresh meat itself during the processes of earing, stabilization and conservation that are part of the activity of the meat industry. The effect of these conditions on meat will also be studied in the laboratory and the degree of correlation of the loss of properties with the theoretical indicators of conservation quality previously developed by IRTA and AKO will be analyzed. From the analysis of the conditions, through theory, laboratory experimentation and simulation and calculation techniques, the existing margin for improvement will be determined as well as the thermal and hygrometric conditions to be modified in order to reduce declines, and increase quality and life. useful of fresh meats.

Project objectives:
The objectives are based on improving the profitability, quality, shelf life and prestige of fresh meat produced by the pork (PATEL) and beef (FRICAFOR) industries, as well as pork (MONTER).

The needs that the project will cover will be, therefore, those of:

  • Digitize some critical variables of the processes characteristic of the meat industries (through an extensive network of multiple measuring points, static and mobile, of temperature and relative humidity).
  • Analyze data generated with scientific food technology techniques by IRTA. The analysis will obtain both the viability of the theoretical indicators and applied knowledge of the industries in question, which will go directly to the companies concerned, which will allow,
  • Optimize your processes, thus covering the information and optimization needs they currently have.

Participants: AKO Electromecànica SA, Patel SAU, Embutidos Monter SLU, Frigoríficos Cárnicos Las Forcas SL (FRICAFOR), IRTA, INNOVACC

Budget / aid Requested: Budget / aid Approved:
Budget: 50.247,60€
Aid: 29.728,76€
Budget: 50.247,60€
Aid: 29.728,76€

Execution period: Nov-2020 to 31-Dec-2021

With the support of: