Innovacc incorporates the alternative protein in its field of action

Meat and alternative protein cluster

The last General Assembly of Innovacc approved the change of name of the cluster and the statutes. From that moment on it is Innovacc cluster of meat and alternative protein. This evolution leads the cluster to expand its scope towards the alternative protein.

Apart from the rise of alternative protein in the market, the change is motivated by the fact that the meat products producing partners have recently released new lines of products that include vegan products, hybrid vegetables or others that use the combinations of vegetable foods that remind us of the taste of meat.

In this way, the cluster opens the doors to welcoming companies dedicated to this new sector, and although it is not the main objective of the cluster, with this change they expect new partners to join.

In order to publicize this new line of action, Innovacc will launch this year a series of actions, including talks with international startups dedicated to alternative protein or a trip to Holland to visit a more advanced ecosystem in this sector.

During the assembly, the Innovacc Awards for technological innovation in the meat field were also presented. As for the University Award category, the winner was Elvira Tenoria Laranga, from the University of Girona, with the project Production and purification of swine ferroquelatasa. Berta Torrents i Masoliver, from the University of Lleida, was a finalist with the project Characterization of ingredients based on the formation of zinc-protoporfirin for the development of meat products without nitrifying.

The prize in the category Promotion of Meat Culture was won by Francesc Reina Bosch and Josep Dolcet Llaveria, with the project Proposals for the evolution (and revolution) of popular charcuterie. From tradition to renewal: meats, colors, shapes, textures and flavors. 1990-2021. The second prize was taken by Maria Dolors Guàrdia Gasull with the project Pairing of oils and meat derivatives: The case of cured ham and extra virgin olive oil.

The day ended with several presentations on the alternative protein.

News published in ClusterNews (ACCIÓ newsletter) within the activities of December 2021