Itisa, S.L.

Since its foundation more than fifty years ago, ITISA has acted as a supplier of engineering services applied to the world of refrigeration and industrial insulation, always with the orientation of customer service and quality, not only in the design and execution of projects, but also in the technical maintenance and after-sales service.

At present, and thanks to the trust placed in ITISA by our customers, we have created and consolidated a business structure with this customer orientation and at your service. This structure is made up of technicians and engineers specialized in refrigeration and industrial insulation projects, mainly specialized in listening to the needs of our customers and helping them design and build their project.

Continuing with our contribution to the improvement of climate change we have created the brand aQstic comfort, especially oriented to thermal and acoustic comfort from the most energy efficient devices, more ecological and technologically more advanced on the market to design panel solutions for acoustic solutions.