4 projects are presented in the AEI 2022 aid line

This March, grants have been requested from the AEI 2022 call for the following 4 new projects:

Project Participants Budget/aid requested
DICAMI. Digitization and advanced calibration of measurement systems with microwave sensors Adiveter SL, On Click Solucions SL, Eurecat, INNOVACC 100.179 € / 74.371 €
SENSOSLICE. Sensorization and digitalization of sliced room to optimize production process and offer traceability Vila Rovira SL, Plana Hurtós Enginyers SLP, Esynapsing Intelligent Business SL, Itisa SL, INNOVACC 90.488 € / 70.787 €
T-DIR: Transformation, digitalization, integration and resilience of the production process management system for cured sausage companies Inforolot SA, J.Curós SL, Pernils Mateu SLU, INNOVACC 90.943 € / 72.162 €
AQUALIPIG. Innovative system for drinking water treatment for pigs Cuarte SL, IA Sapiens Innovation SL, INNOVACC, Aragón Innovalimen (coordinator) 70.196 € / 50.299 €


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