Learn about the opportunities offered by bioenergy for the meat sector

On June 22, an online conference was held between the Bioenergy Cluster of Catalonia (CBC) and INNOVACC, the Catalan meat and alternative protein cluster on the options for “Decarbonisation of the meat sector from bioenergy”.


The session was attended by 45 people linked to the 2 clusters.

Esteve Espuña, president of INNOVACC, welcomed the attendees and recalled that, with the current situation of high energy costs in companies, it could be a good time to consider bioenergy implementations in the meat sector and in all types of companies associated with the cluster .


Marc Cortina, manager of CBC recalled the scope of bioenergy, and the many possibilities it offers.


Toni Campaña from ICAEN explained the planned aid lines, with Fons Next Generation, for the field of industrial decarbonisation.

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Finally, the following 4 success stories could be heard:

  • Biogas project for industrial thermal use. Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of organic waste and sewage sludge in Bon Àrea (Guissona).

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Speakers: Mr. Òscar Benito, CEO AHIDRA and Mr. Marcel Hortal, environmental project engineer from Bon Àrea.

  • Biogas and recovery of the digestate: Agronomic Circular.

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Speakers: Mr. Joan Soler, EMA Depuració and Enginyeria de l’Aigua SLU.

  • Jamones Blázquez. Biomethane production project from waste.

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Speakers: Mr. Bernat Chulià, head of studies and business development at Genia Bioenergy.

  • Grup Batallé. Biomass boilers.

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Speakers: Mr. Mika Iborra, agronomist from Selección Batallé and Mr. Joan Oliver, industrial engineer from SUNO Engineering SCCLP.

For more information about the conference or about each of the success stories, you can contact INNOVACC at innovacc@olot.cat

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