GasN2itrogen, S.L.

GasN2 is a company that aims to innovate in technology based on gases in order to provide each customer with the best solution, facilitating the production process and providing increases in the profitability of their businesses while being respectful of the environment.

The company is made up of highly qualified personnel in multidisciplinary areas: engineering, chemistry, biology… with 25% of the workforce dedicated to R+D+i. This means that they can provide a global service that integrates the entire life of their products, from the conceptual design and production of the first prototype to after-sales and maintenance services.

They currently have four production lines:

  • Industrial chromatographic equipment for obtaining gases (N2, O2) for different sectors ranging from laser cutting to packaging in a protective atmosphere for the food sector, as well as health products for obtaining medical O2 .
  • A second block of products, intended for the recovery and reuse of CO2 from combustion boilers.
  • Already in the field of industrial refrigeration, they have cold and ultra-freezing equipment at -80ºC. They can also offer cold up to positive Tª.
  • Finally, the division of food dryers for the curing of sausages, meats and cheeses.

During the COVID19 pandemic, they were awarded the Industry 4.0 awards and the IV PYME Award of the year 2020 for their initiatives in the manufacture of self-contained ventilators for assisted breathing, once again highlighting the innovative vision constant in GasN2.