INNOVACC (Catalan Association of innovation in the pig meat industry) is a business association that represents the cluster of Catalan pig meat sector which aims to promote business competitiveness through innovation and cooperation.

The association belongs to the register of Associations of Innovative Enterprises (Asociaciones de Empresas Innovadoras (AEI)), of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in Catalonia inside the Catalonia cluster program of ACC1Ó,  and has the Eureopean Cluster Excellence Bronze Label of  European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

INNOVACC is composed by a group of companies and institutions that come together voluntarily and freely to get, nonprofit, a purpose of general or particular interest with the desire to share their knowledge, activities and / or financial resources. The association is autonomous, has its own personality and its internal organization and operation must be democratic, with full respect for pluralism.

INNOVACC agrupa:

INNOVACC consists of:

– 80 companies in the pig meat sector (farms, slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat processors) and auxiliary services (Industrial food machinery manufacturers, logistics, additives, engineering and consultancy), 63 of these are SMES.

 16 institutions (public administrations, universities, Chambers of Commerce, R+D+i centers, professional associations…).


INNOVAC represents the cluster of Catalan pig meat sector which aims to promote business competitiveness through innovation and cooperation.

We note the importance of the cluster:

– INNOVAC has 17.008 workers and an aggregate turnover of 4.305 million euros (data of the last financial year).

– This is the meat industry cluster largest in Europe.

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Total members 61 57 57 58 64 72 78 84 91 96 96
Member companies 44 40 40 41 47 56 61 67 73 78 80
Member insitutions 17 17 17 17 17 16 17 17 18 18 16
Own staff
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2,5 3 3
Aggregate turnover of member companies (M€) 2120 2130 2213 2235 2275 2299 3094 3340  3568 4305*
Total employees of member companies 5515 5449 5613 6652 7019 9715 13336 14071  14643 17008


The Catalan pig meat sector is a world reference: 

– Spain is the 4th largest producer of pork with 3.6 M tonnes, after China (56,5 M), USA (10.3 million), Germany (5.5 M). And ahead of Brazil (3.3 M), Russia (2,6 M), Vietnam (2,4 M), France (1,9 M) etc. (values 2014)

– Almost 50% of pig meat transformation in Spain is produced in Catalonia.

– Catalonia has a pig meat production (1,6 M tons) similar as countries like Poland, Denmark, and it’s above Italy, Holland and Belgium.

– Catalonia exports almost 50% of its production. The import of pork is almost zero.

– The exports of pork and their derivatives from Spain were 1.510.974 tons.

Catalonia exports 67% of what the entire State exports.

In fresh and frozen meat supposes more than 70%

In processed products (sausages and similar) supposes 50%

– Export top destinations from Catalonia: :

– EU countries (France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, United Kingdom …)

– Export to third parties (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines …)

– Pork exports have increased almost threefold in ten years (from 564.890 tons in 2004 to 1.510.974 tons in 2014).


INNOVAC IS THE AEI OF THE MEAT CLUSTER SECTOR MOST IMPORTANT OF EUROPE and it aims to achieve the strengthening of a traditional industry in the region and develop an important way to the technical and productive vanguard, improving its position at European level and its international prestige.

(*) data from the last year closed
Last update: June 2018