Iniciatives and benefits


The initiatives that INNOVACC develop are the following:

· Seek the continuity and development of collective projects already started with the participation of partners.
· Promote and develop new collective innovation projects and find potential partners.
· Look for grants to finance part of the projects and prepare applications. Inform the partners mainly about the possibilities of innovation and financing alternatives.
· Support for business internationalization.
· Share information with and among partners through the web and other communication channels in a fluid and direct way, and restricted in specific cases.
· Organize days/seminars about training, about projects, …
· Participate in other conferences, events, fairs, technical missions, …
· Increase the critical mass of the cluster (new accessions).


· Share problems and solutions, and foster mutual support among all partners.
· Support for R&D&i projects.
· Possibility of greater productivity thanks to projects driven and developed.
· Training and support for business internationalization.
· Possibility of receiving grants to finance part of the projects.
· Increase of the innovative capacity of the company.
· Opportunity to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of the Catalan meat sector and alternative protein in order to face globalization favorably by boosting its partners’ innovation.
· Participate in the improvement of the position of the cluster and the sector in the world.
· Receive information from the sector, especially related to the possibilities of innovation of companies and alternative financing.