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These heads have made casting so easy it isn’t fair to those who had to learn with a conventional long belly line. Skagit vs. Scandi Heads – Keeping It Simple; Reader Interactions. Airflo’s Rage Compact Head $ 59.99. ... you want to throw a wide range of floating and sinking polyleaders the Rage’s design will help people succeed where a Scandi head will fail. UA-22251484-1 Toggle navigation. It's an excellent low water line and perfect for small flies and delicate presentation. There is a new scandi head from Airflo. Airflo is proud of its fly lines. Reviews (0) Be the first to write a review AIRFLO RAGE AIRFLO SCANDI COMPACT RIO STEELHEAD SCANDI AIRFLO SKAGIT COMPACT The Rage is my best selling head. I had been using a Scandi line but this new Rage Compact is a perfect load with my rod for more efficient casting. Coined a “hybrid head,” the Rage has a tip diameter and head length that bridges the gap between Skagit and Scandi heads. Comments. The weight of these shooting heads are focused towards the back of the line so the line will load easier, cast out effortlessly and present your flies well. It is called the "Scandi Long". Airflo Dry Spey fly lines include several unique features including the finesse of the Scandi Compact , the authority of the Rage Compact , and the versatility of the Tactical Steelhead . Airflo Scandi Compact Floating Heads are sold at The Fly Shop. In our opinion, their most unique lines are in the fly lines designed for switch rods. airflo scandi long shooting head Folks have been asking for a line that will give them more distance and offer more control once the line is on the water – and Airflo listened. October 24, 2016 at 6:19 am. Description The Airflo Rage Compact fly line takes the dry line Spey fishing to a new level, offering improved capability for fishing in windy, blustery conditions with monster flies. ... Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Yours sincerely, John Polding. Beyond the switch rod category, Airflo offers a full line of spey lines outlined in the videos below. AirFlo Rage Compact Spey Head, Airflo developed the ‘Rage Compact’ to help casters of all skill levels fish in difficult conditions. ... Be the first to review “Airflo’s Rage Compact Head” Cancel reply. This fly line is great at casting in tight conditions with limited room for the D Loop. The AirFlo Skagit II Compact Head is the most popular 2-handed line in America, and for good reason. Its thick tip and aggressive taper turn over any leader/fly combination imaginable. This shooting head excels in low water with small flies when perfect presentation is essential.Designed to perform with modern progressive action fly rods where back cast room limits your ’D’ Loop - Scandi AirFlo Super-Flo Exceed Fly Line, Today’s fast action rods require a little extra weight to load properly with most fly lines. A hybrid head, the Rage bridges the gap between Skagit and Scandi heads. Bridging the Scandi – Skagit Gap. Airflo Rage Compact Floating Skagit Shooting Head The Airflo Rage Compact shooting head was designed to combat extremely windy weather and tight quarter casting situations. Airflo’s go to summer shooting head line for salmon fishing. Airflo Compact Head Switch Intermediate Rage. These days, we have many options for short heads, both compact Scandi and Skagit. It is designed for surface or near surface fishing using a wide range of rod lengths. Airflo Skagit Compact F.I.S.T. I am after line weight recommendations for an orvis Clearwater 12′ #5 Spey rod . Details Designed to perform with modern shorter rods or where back cast room limits your ’D’ Loop - Scandi Compacts come in 11 sizes from the scant 240 grain 29’ #4/5 to its larger brother, the 540 grain 34’ #8/9 enabling you to create a perfectly balanced outfit. Fished with Polyleaders (or light sinktips) - fantastic! Airflo scandi compact are shooting heads for double handers of a shorter length and faster action than traditional fly rods. Based around Airflo' Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.You can also explore other items in the Camp & Hike, Camping Essentials, Fly Fishing, Lines, Leader & Tippet, Fly Line yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! The Airflo heads that I have are very good, I would say the Scandi compact would be more suitable for smaller Irish river and using polyleaders and normal … I think they work well on rods from 13'6" to 15'. The Airflo Spey Lines we carry at Minturn Anglers through our Dealership with Rajeff Sports are some of our favorites fly lines for switch & Spey rods. Airflo Scandi Compact Tactical Shooting Head- 300 Grains Fly Line ST4/5F. The Rage Shooting Head Multi-tip Kit is THE best value for money complete Salmon kit on the market. Its condensed rear taper helps generate more line speed to help in windy conditions. Despite extra short and other more specialized Skagit-style lines coming on to the scene, the Skagit Compact is still the standard, and has been redesigned and reborn as the all new Skagit Driver. But until recently, I hadn't found a compact Skagit line that felt designed for a switch rod. Devon. They've got an incredible pro-staff that includes the likes of Kelly Galloup and Bruce Chard. kimbo Well-known member. Used 2 times. AIRFLO Skagit Compact Gen2 Fly Line. Working as a fly line designer for Airflo the past few years has been a great privilege. There isn't much info because these lines have only been available for less then 2 weeks. Messages 1,588 Reaction score 249 Location Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot. These short, looped floating Compact Heads should be married to a shooting line and capped with a tungsten sinking tip appropriate for the situation and the rod. I am looking at either an OPST commando or the new Airflo skagit scout . Airflo Two-Handed Line to Rod Chart 10-Dec-2012 Maker Series Model Length Line Weight Grain Range Speydicator Delta Spey Skagit Compact Skagit Switch Scandi Compact Tactical Steelhead Rage Compact Echo Echo3 Two Hand 6127 12' 7" 6 390-480 SD6 6/7 450 420 420 6 420 7130 13' 0" 7 450-540 SD7 7/8 510 480 480 7 480 Many desert steelhead rivers such as the Deschutes and Snake can have wicked afternoon winds, making it extremely difficult for all but the most experienced casters to fish floating lines. Review: A friend had recommended a Rage Compact and so I contacted John from the Gorge Fly Shop. Airflo has just come out with a new head called the ‘Rage Compact ‘. Mar 20, 2013 The Airflo Scandi Long is the perfect step between the shorter skagit heads and the more traditional mid-spey setups. The problem is, even if you’re a more versatile caster than yours truly, it can be hard to switch back and forth between Skagit/sinktip and the Scandi and longer-belly line systems that are more appropriate for fishing on or near the surface. Airflo Skagit Driver Two hand anglers that need to get sink tips delivered to bouldery runs with minimal back casts have chosen Skagit-style heads as the go-to tool for the job. The Airflo Skagit Compact fly line was a ground breaker, and now with the advent of shorter Spey rods, the Airflo Switch line has already earned a starting slot on the team. I have the Airflo compact skagit which I got for throwing heavy tips and large intruders 4-5" long. Also ideal for situations where the back cast is limiting you D loop formation. Airflo seized DNA from the popular Scandi Compact and stretched and tweaked it until forming a line that would load like the Scandi Compact but would allow users to form a deeper D or V loop and cast farther with less effort. Martin . The AIRFLO SCANDI Compact Fly Line for sale in Canada comes in 11 sizes from the scant 240 grain 29’ #4/5 to its larger brother, the 540 grain 34’ #8/9 enabling you to create a perfectly balanced outfit. The Scandi Long Heads were developed to provide greater distance while casting and offer more control over the line once on the water. Airflo lines have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years - and with good reason. Airflo’s commitment to polyurethane is borne of a desire to use a material unaffected by UV, doesn’t leach solvents and, ultimately, lasts longer than solvent-based PVC. Airflo compact scandi vs Buella elixir v2 scandi switch Trying to dial in Winston micro spey for scandi only Like airflo lines never tried Buella 4 wt micro Winston is the rod Consensus is 270-300 Airflo or Buella only please , narrowed it down to those Any experience will be appreciated

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