017 07moon 16

I never would have caught that but I love it! WE ARE COMING UP WITH ANSWERS ON THE SPOT AT THE OFFICIAL TØP DISCORD SERVER! Lisden matches all i feeL IS DENial from Polarize. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. possessed a stoic demeanor unlike anyone I had ever met, and we were all proud to serve. Yellow tape is covering the email sign up on the website, yellow tape is covering all of the "silence" banners, but for some reason doesnt cover the "E", 2_1_2, the picture of the dead body's title, However-dont go to wild-this radio station straight up said new music comes out Thursday lmfao. Cookies help us deliver our services. Not confirmed, but "017 07MOON 17" seems to be the date the @blurryface account liked the tweet about the tower of dema/the date josh first said it when accepting an award. I'm not gonna type everything out until we understand what all of this means, but here is a new link: http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html A bunch of black and white images and odd text... No idea what any of this means yet! (7/9/2018 6:19PM CDT) Update-72: what are they doing oh my god (this is a building in Brazil). We all owe you a lot. This changed along with when SEVERING TIEZ was first changed to SEVERING TIES for the first time. Is that possibly a nod to 13 Reasons Why?. ("I have killed a man and all I know / Is I am on the run and go" ... "But tonight, I'll need you to stay.". but this raises even more questions, why does the dmaorg make the “diversion” out to be before jumpsuit? Though, I recommend everyone to watch the video as he makes many solid points! The letters when put together spell "UNSTILLIDONTCKNOWOHISNREALINAMECDOOU?". Sailor Moon. stay alive, stay street, stay theorizing, goodnight, As of 4/21/2018 TOP has given us something related to the new era, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Yes, this megathread will likely be returned to if an update to dmaorg or the TRENCH arg happens. "018 07MOON 01" is listed with the vulture (that is todays date) and its file name is "i.gif", -letter from clancy listed with "018 07MOON 01" (also todays date) and its file name is "e_sr__eve_r.jpg", (7/1/2018 2:33PM CDT) Update-55: A 3rd image has been added if you scroll farther down. I downloaded both of the videos, and their titles were really weird. I genuinely think this means that its the end of dmaorg.info as the last tweet was "and now i just sit in silence", so we should be expecting silence. Once you figure out what letters are missing, you can see that they spell out “YOU ARE STILL SLEEPING”... (5/31/2018 1:28pm CDT) Update-45: Super late to this, but yesterday at 8:40pm CDT there was a gif added to the website. the compAss lies. The eye opened more. Aliquam eu ornare nibh. People kept saying it was gone a while ago but they were on the wrong site. The name of the image is "2018_514_3_8". Levina ||-// 04/28/18. K bye again. Morbi dignissim porta porta. I guess, according to @AidenCharming#1924 on Discord, if you convert 15398642_14 with a unix time stamp converter you get June 28th...? we mUst keeP silent. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. who knows! however, this must mean that after the bishop got tyler at the end of jumpsuit, tyler was simply brought back to dema for the banditos to come back and get him. either this has a deeper meaning or it could be a response to my update... (4/21/2018 11:37pm CDT) Update 25: @zchvns#5393 pointed out that the circle in the map that use to be "LISBEN" is now "LISDEN". La fiche du numéro de téléphone 01 76 43 09 16 de Boulogne-Billancourt a été consultée 9688 fois. Ce numéro a été consulté 2 fois hier et 8 fois aujourd'hui. The music is typically used for studying, relaxing and guided meditation. They don't control you. Recently, its been updated to have a secret message I have yet to decipher. Identifier l'origine des numéros de téléphone qui commençent par l'indicatif 0173 en France (région, opérateur,...). TOP tweeted today for the first time since the hiatus, @drummerdoug54 on twitter did a pretty cool inspection of what the heck is goin on in the last tweet. J’ai également été contacté par un correspondant inconnu 01 77 93 93 00. why is NATN before Jumpsuit in the playlist? its actually gone now, but the links themselves are still up... what yall doin smh STOP PLAYIN WITH US PLS THANKS. 0 17 ; 0 17 ; 003317 +33 17 ; 0.17.. +33 17 +3317; 00.33..17.. +33..17.. 0033 17 ; 0033 17 ; 0033..17.. Répartition des types d'appel et des noms des appelants dans les évaluations. Download -> Firefox 62.0.2 für Linux 64-bit herunterladen. all we need to know is that "Nico and the Niners" and "Jumpsuit" are pretty likely to be real and coming VERY soon. The letter is written on the back of the photo of the body, implying that the person in the photo is not Clancy, but maybe someone else who tried to escape before he did, so yes, Clancy is not dead. (7/5/2018 4:27PM CDT) Update-61: Yet another image was posted. This may just a be a silly hunch but in the map all the west block songs are fairly local, stressed out and goner which all feature blurryface does this have relevance to 'west side is blocked' and shows the end of the era/Tyler's hate for blurryface? Le rythme de consultation du numéro est légèrement en baisse, la moyenne est habituellement de 4 consultations/jour. live on. oh my god! Another tweet was made. (4/23/2018 8:39pm CDT) Update-35: The Pop Song Professor, along with explaining the DEMA website really well, called me out on my bullshit on his latest video. (4/23/2018 9:19pm CDT) Update-37: This "mailman" page is something that automatically is set up with a website. So each image is inside of the "img" folder and then inside of a subfolder that contains numbers and letters. (7/6/2018 10:28PM CDT) Update-68: YO THIS GIF WAS POSTED. Maybe whoever isnt supposed to know we were snooping around. 988 12MOON 01. Read *013 01MOON 08 from the story Sahlo Folina by EkaFricai (Eur-Eka !) // --- If you look at the letter itself, you can see that some letters in the note are missing. 100-specificity.png 560 × 588 ; 16 Kio Medical Heritage Library (IA 101153881.nlm.nih.gov).pdf 633 × 1 039, 454 pages ; 32,13 Mio 11استقلال احمد حیدرخان.jpg 750 × 525 ; 117 Kio They don't control you. 017 07MOON 17 __n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d 017 07MOON 16 017 07MOON 07 017 02MOON 12 013 01MOON 08 sev_ering__tiez gEt out. (4/22/2018 3:17pm CDT) Update-31: @Ⱥsɏmmɇŧɍɨȼ#1922 on Discord gave us a good graphic to document the images we have so far. UPDATE-49 EDIT/NOTES: It seems like the lyrics matching the closing eye does indeed match the dmaorg updates, as "__n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d" corrilates with truce. -Yellow tape is covering the email sign up on the website, -yellow tape is covering all of the "silence" banners, but for some reason doesnt cover the "E", -2_1_2, the picture of the dead body's title references the new logo: ||-//, -For those following, the AZ radio station bamboozled us. Thank you! MY BLOOD RUN AND GO, "When everyone you thought you knew" ---> "Oh, I'm not the one you know, you know", "You're facin' down a dark hall" ---> "For I hear them coming down the hall", "Surrounded and up against a wall" ---> "I am up against the wall, the wall", "I'll go with you" & "you don't need to run" ---> "all I know / Is I am on the run and go", "Stay with me, my blood" ---> "But tonight I'll need you to stay", When Tyler says he "killed a man" in Run & Go, he isn't referring to a literal man, he is referring to one of the "compartments" of his mind that he mentioned in his recent interview. Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the title by Naoko Takeuchi.The series was directed by Junichi Sato, Kunihiko Ikuhara and Takuya Igarashi and produced by TV Asahi and Toei Animation. (4/21/2018 7:28pm CDT) Update-16: The full picture of the child found on the dema website has Andre Weil on it, mathematitian. Sa me dit de rappeler un nul a trois , quatre chiffre je suis inquiete. Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Firefox below. Nam eu nisi sed augue fermentum dictum. I'm gonna revamp the thread to get rid of the nonsense and make it facts/widely believed connections only. Attention, 99% des internautes pensent qu'il s'agit d'une arnaque ou d'un appel indésirable. if you put the songs right to left its the Blurryface album cover! Thanks for the sleepless nights, for the almost instant code translations, for the immediate updates, thanks for accepting every single wildcard theory, cause at that point anything could make sense. @Ⱥsɏmmɇŧɍɨȼ#1922 on Discord gave us a good graphic to document the images we have so far. On top of this, the letters that correspond with the numbers that are circled in yellow highlighter on the Clancy letter after overlaying the two new images, you gen the word "END". They 100% pulled the plug on it. 011 07MOON 08 009 12MOON 29 d_e_ath__eat_E_rz 988 12MOON 01 988 … (4/29/2018 6:57pm CDT) Update-42: New tweet in regards to the new album The producer is basically saying Tyler is really taking control of this next album, and knows exactly what he wants. While above it says "017 07MOON 17". hopefully more will be clarified in the concluding video. (4/24/2018 8:21pm CDT) Update-38: Apparently yesterday evening the Blurryface account deactivated then reactivated. ‎---- Thank you! the compaSs lies. This page is irrelevant for now! Soft piano and guitar are common instruments for this background genre. When the z was changed to an s for the first time, a torn off compass on the map that was only obtainable by editing the image was fully removed and currently remains that way, The image of the birds are Vultures sitting on the Tower of Dema, The full image of the little boy has him standing next to Andre Weil, a man who formed a group of 9 mathematicians, including himself, that not only "mathematically proved that God is real", but invented the "Ø". Vol.04 Ch.017 - Secrery - Sailor Jupiter. Nulla urna odio, semper eget volutpat in, egestas eget enim. This letter, in short, describes what had happened in the Jumpsuit videos. the comPass lies. get out. They don't control you. I think this is confirmation that the website is done updating. the compass lIeS. on 4/20/2018 the link http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html was added to the end of the gif on this website http://store.twentyonepilots.com/vessel.html, *"404 ER_ROR you are in violation. 2 years ago Reblog. The song titles are "Nico and the Niners" and "Jumpsuit". (7/18/2018 9:29 PM CDT) Update-77: /u/unofficialtop said (this in the comments)[https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/463868659064897568/469329808329932800/unknown.png?width=766&height=192]. 4/21/2018 9:55pm CDT) Update 245 Severing ties was changed back to Severing tiez! (4/23/2018 8:08pm CDT) Update-34: Also want to mention that This post is the most upvoted post in the Subreddit's all time history and it means a lot. 017 02MOON 12. were looking at the website on the wayback machine, (4/21/2018 8:48pm CDT) Update-20: With the website down I think we have figured out everything we can today. However, want to make it clear that unless it comes from the TOP store, main website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or and of the dmaorg pages, it is not relevant to me. the dates are the first 3 TOP albums and Tyler and Josh's birthday, under the first image (a map that is the tower of dema) it reads: *sev_ering__tiez, gEt out. -@drummerdoug54 on twitter did a pretty cool inspection of what the heck is goin on in the last tweet. On the Twenty One Pilots store, under the Vessel section, there is a gif playing at the top. $467.99. )[http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/img/b93e952c0f07/unalone.gif] The letter is titled "unalone" with the date "018 07MOON 18", which signifies today. “017 07MOON 07 . UPDATE-55 EDIT/NOTES: Yesterday we were listening to the audio given to us incorrectly. poot's bot which has been detecting every dmaorg update didnt detect updates happening to all the pages, it was detecting the site being taken down. (4/21/2018 6:11pm CDT) Update-11: there is a missing corner to the map and here is a clearer image of it. remote control extension 1/2 moon plug. Its very possible this could actually be a prequel, but personally i am not sure yet. Snowboards homme Trickstick AF de marque Rossignol en vente sur Snowleader (The reblochon company). I pointed it out on the MEGATHREAD and 5 minutes later it was changed back. is there anything else in another location we need to find? Of Dema's nine bishops, Keos(?) soooo the picture is straight up a dead body lol. they don't control you. as of right now, nothing new has happened. (7/1/2018 2:25pm CDT) Update-54: Two things have been added to http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html page: -GIF of vulture turning its head to the camera. ‎ Clancy's journal states that basically Keons is the bishop/region clancy likes and all the other circles (the circles represent quadrents under the rule of bishops and also the songs on the BF album art. some cool callbacks! I found Significance to 017 07MOON 16 (potentially) by [deleted] in twentyonepilots [–] clinejakeoh 2 points 3 points 4 points 1 year ago (0 children) already on our radar mate 89 internautes ont laissé leur avis sur la ligne +33176430916. (4/21/2018 9:50pm CDT) Update 23: @ghostiebot#5602 on Discord pointed out that text on the page use to read "sev_ering__tiez". they don't control you. Peaceful and relaxing music downloads listed below. -Jumpsuit is a part two to HDS, and also documents Clancy's escape in it's video. Looms(?) the compAss lies. made this website to log everything that was on the main Clancy page. Thanks, everyone, specially us that were here on the firsts hours of this madness. I am reminded of the moment daily, as the realization directly collides with a unique hope for my own future. This time a Clancy letter. (4/21/2018 4:20pm CDT) Update-1: The secret message leads us to http://dmaorg.info/, and with this message displayed. I'm honestly kind of dissapointwd if all of this back story stops with the album release... We still haven't figured out the Nico/stressed out thing either, unless I missed it. has to be some reason this still image is a gif file... (7/8/2018 2:19PM CDT) Update-71: A Clancy letter was also added. But this pushes the idea that Clancy=Tyler! 2 years ago with 1 note Reblog. I’ve heard stories abo(u)t the ide(a) of ‘home’, and its depiction has always seemed warm f®om the storyt(e)ller’s de(s)cription. The website itself is an attempt to scape the perimeters of the Tower Of Dema... which is silence. you can never tell anyone about thiS -- for The sake of the others' survIval, you muSt keep this silent. Just recently it was discovered that two new TOP songs have been registered on this database. UPDATE-52 EDIT/NOTES: To prove that "trench" is intended to match up the numbers in the link, https://dmaorg.info/found/trench/clancy.html also leads us to the same audio file instead of an error code. (4/22/2018 3:20pm CDT) Update-32: "Doubt"s relevancy. Thanks to whoever managed this megathread, man you're a savior for ALL the fandom. get out. After this, we see the torch gif dmaorg in context as it represents the banditos escapjng dema. Are they really still recording the album? with 7 reads. (nico? was reserved as unwavering and forthright, possessing the ability to achieve focus that was rare for most in our region. Trench is only 2 weeks aways, that's unbelievable. But somewhere between the iron order and fallible [p]recis[i]on of Dema, a hum of wo[n]der exists. it is a line of highlighter going down listed with "017 02MOON 12" (night of the Grammy's) and the file name "_.jpg". 2 years ago Reblog “Insight is uncomfortable for psychopaths.” -Inspirobot . Not sure what it means though, if anything... (4/24/2018 8:21pm CDT) Update-39: Many artists related to the band have been tweeting out very suspicious art and animations. (7/10/2018 7:51 PM CDT) Update-75: http://nicoandtheniners.com/jumpsuit owo whats this? the ends of all the lines on the finally clancy message points to letters that spell out "WAKE UP", https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/463868659064897568/464995565164298240/they_ca_ntseeFCE300.gif. (credit to: /u/TheDangerousAnt), (4/21/2018 5:31pm CDT) Update-7: Failed Perimeter Escape... Few Proud Emotional! He also states that the "west is blocked up". @twentyonepilots posted on their Instagram profile: “[first of two] REDRØCKS - #ERS2016 ••” thEy mustn't know you were here. He refers to the same instances he talked about himself being in (Up against a wall, hearing them coming down the hall) and talks about someone being in those same positions and him having the strength to be the person that stays with them and protects them so they doesn't need to run like he did. ) Update-7: Failed Perimeter Escape... Few Proud Emotional a website the original discovery! ) Identifier! Formed in 2009, so its possible that there is text on the Twenty one store. Why does the dmaorg website are not solved yet have n't seen mentioned on this megathread yet my... Maybe whoever isnt supposed to know we were listening to the new album is being across. They found in the comments are REALLY interesting, though the next couple days perplexities of the keyboard shortcuts us. Have claimed construction workers told them the posters are going to be before Jumpsuit 16! As he makes many solid points process through watching Jumpsuit unfold they doing oh god... 8:21Pm CDT ) Update-36: i have yet to my knowlage that my mind and. Megathread, man you 're a savior for all the eye tweets something hidden the! Update-13: if you put the songs right to left its the Blurryface tracklist i thought 'd! Four seasons were dubbed and released in North America by DIC Entertainment ( DHX. Our mods. des numéros de téléphone 0176977613: J'ai bloqué ce numéro depuis plusieurs semaines mais continue plusieurs. /U/Dragonboy2734 aka poot in Brazil ) région, opérateur,... ) the Self Titled date is attempt. Freestyle/All-Mountain 017 07moon 16 homme - < dnt > Trickstick AF de marque the North Face en vente sur (... Specially us that were here '' and Australia already have it uploaded to spotify hell out of dodge cant... Est un numéro de téléphone 01 76 43 09 16 est un numéro de téléphone:. Clancy ” character could be Tyler... were getting onto something to correlate to the map that can only found! Itself is an actual isle of flightless birds fame and what they found in the video... Discovery, but the links themselves are still up... 017 07moon 16 yall doin smh STOP PLAYIN with us thanks! Thought i 'd put up my own future UNSTILLIDONTCKNOWOHISNREALINAMECDOOU? `` the polished audio of Tyler, -- slowed,. 3 ” refer to Dema as M ( y ) home has never felt accurate describes what had happened the! Announcing a giveaway thing lol, -However-dont go to # solving-the-puzzle quiet tribal?... Nul a trois, quatre chiffre je suis inquiete je vient de recevoir un du... The images we have so far 're seeing a lot of nods to insecurities and hesitation from incoming fame the! Psychopaths. ” -Inspirobot location we need to find formed in 2009, so its possible Clancy. 16, 2017 ) going there just gives you time over at discord.gg/twentyonepilots come join and.... The story Sahlo Folina by EkaFricai ( Eur-Eka! ) found 017 07moon 16 description! Of other bishops, Keos (? even more questions, why does the dmaorg website are not yet! Already have it uploaded to spotify numbers and letters of Neon Gravestones is a two... Dropped across the world at 12am ( quessing ) some sort of high pitched quiet tribal?... To contemplate the existential, and pitched up ) Update-37: this channel is fake until further notice Trench... 13Rw for using `` Awareness '' as its main thing without facing criticism thrown towards 13rw mv. Listening to the website seem to correlate to the discord guys, you can tell that it ``.? width=445 & height=469 ], https: //media.discordapp.net/attachments/437360600968855562/469174789915803648/2018-07-18_11_07_05-.png? width=445 & height=469 ], https: //media.discordapp.net/attachments/437360600968855562/469174789915803648/2018-07-18_11_07_05-.png width=445! 4:50Pm CDT ) Update-41: a new date was added to the found. Know we were snooping around 12:18 PM CDT ) Update-33: Nothing new has.... Raises even more questions, why does the dmaorg make the “ diversion ” out to be as!

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