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Blonkerd is almost unknown as a surname as far as I can see, the only references I have found on Google is someone who died in the Netherlands in the 1800’s. There is a 1663 Baptism for Marie to Bartholomee Van den Steen and Elisabeth de Heinnen in the Walloon Church and witnesses with old French surnames. James Staines 36 Butcher Y Since both Jan and Claes were very common names, you will need to know more than just his name to make sure you have the right person. DNA results can indeed be problematic or seemingly utterly confusing. On the Norman side the old French origin could De Pond or alternatively De Pont. Many names got spelled differently after emigration. Elsewhere in the extended family there is an Abraham Baissier following a similar Biblical theme. I was given to believe the Vandebaize family were all weavers of silk tapestries, and John Staines (his father) is listed as a ‘silk artist’, which would tie in with that theory. The Hodges family (Alice Westfield’s father) head was a soldier. Usage: Language + Letters. A possible candidate for James’s father is John Weymouth Staines born 1777 and just two years after marriage. The ancestral contributions and reasons will be many fold and not limited to Staines ancestry. I have several Huguenot ancestors from Zeeland myself. Middlesex/London. “Peake” is not a Dutch name I’m familiar with. 1841 Census: St Pancras, Smith’s Place New Amsterdam. Any tips on where to proceed my search? Fifth Batch experimental names: Vandersteen 1, de Pont 14, de Pond 14, le Pont 14, le Pond 14, Dupont 4, de la Croix 6, Steiner 6, Stiennes 0. Or so it appears. This is a further observation that detracts from my ancestor John Staines who married Alice Westfield being the brother of Francis Staines-Silk Dyer. So probably one of your ancestors was a tall one “are you Marks son? She waited until after he 19th Birthday but he could not? The Dutch pronounciation of Duyzer is close to the English pronounciation of Doozer. The search result will still contain some data in Dutch, though. Leon de Pre is the husband of Magdelaine del Croix (de la Croix). It is not only property, and lives but heritage, history and records that go up in smoke. Henry V was welcomed back to England after his victory over the French in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 by the Aldermen of London. Frances is later recorded in 1861 as a manufacturer. I know there some people named Piek went by the name Pyke in the US, but that does not mean that all people named Pyke derived their names from Piek. Hello my father’s dad’s side comes from the Netherlands or so I’ve read. Online since 1999. There is no birth record tying any John Staines or similar name silk weaver to Jan Feb 1981 and no other ancestry approaching anything like the above. He did not inherit the Vandebaize middle name, and I can’t remember if his father did, but certainly his grandfather did, and all who came before him back to the beginning of records. Hi Susan, So for my puzzle the question arises is John Weymouth Staines first born son of Alice Vandebaize the husband of Alice Westfield? It’s always seemed tricky to me to predict when the sound-spelling correspondence of the source language (Dutch in these threads) is retained–to some extent–rather than an English sound-spelling correspondence used. The Clerkenwell Staines family appear to prefer a Church of some significance or prominence for their marriage. Many thanks James’s brother Thomas was a silk weaver. “DeVries” was probably “De Vries” originally. Edward Staines’s family use St Leonards in the early 1800s whereas Benjamin Staines’s family use Spitalfields Christ Church Stepney. What I don’t have is a marriage record for James and Esther (est m 1827-1830) that could shed light on their parent’s names and occupations and place of birth. This list is not exhaustive, the US names could have come from other names too, or the Dutch names could have turned into other names. It’s all too reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. There are some 16 birth events between 1775 and 1815, one involving twins and three Alice births 1794,1801& 1813. Even nowadays the small country in the North-West of Europe owns various islands as far as the Caribbean Sea. There is likely to be some overlap but also areas not covered by the other test house. But elsewhere the baptismal records in 1650 and 1654 for their children have the surname recorded and actually written as Baissier and de Baisse within a few years of one another. Some more information has come to light and has raised the confidence level to moderate and above 50%. In addition the Weaveress in Charlotte Staines’s household in 1841 is using an anticipated married name Emma Appleby to Samuel Appleby who is also a silk weaver and born in Bethnal Green. There are a number of accounts of these Vandersteen weavers coming from Wallonia and Picccardy in the Spanish Netherlands who spoke old French dialects and married others with old French names. According to two independent sources going beyond 7 generations is below the detectable noise level with any confidence, which applies to at least one of us. It took me several years to finally discover this myself — although I later recalled my grandmother telling me something to that effect when I was a young child. There are a few rare documented accounts in books of Huguenot friends and family corresponding across the English Channel and immigrating between these main upheavals. leendert p. conyn & agnietje c. stynmets…from agnietje…. Usually, the original farm kept the regular name. So something like this requires a great deal of patience and persistence. Rademaker. My Frisian relatives didn’t change the last name of De Vries, but they changed all their first names. Getting confidence with this is the most worthwhile outcome. I do not expect you to be able know everything about them. This is at a time when Hester Staines (Hetty Pond) is in St Pancras with Mary Staines 0 years. Correction to groom aspect on last message : To recap it is thought John Weymouth Staines married Alice Westfield in 1800 and had a son James in 1804. No actual date of birth is forthcoming and would need to be within a narrow window of Jan Feb to 3rd March 1781 if one were to take the date of birth on the 1844 death record as accurate and reliable. Alleen al de lengte van de lijst geeft aan dat het aantal immigranten uit ons land groot geweest moet zijn. George went to sea as mariner and ended up the other side of the world. And so while the term French Huguenot is used more broadly Dutch Walloons speaking old French and dispersed since 1520 should be distinguished as a separate group with a number of common threads. My New Jersey grandmother’s last name was Sweetman. Among early settlers in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware USA is Nicholas America, 1680. Who were his lparente, there, – and descendants over here. Dutch surnames from Germanic languages‎ (3 c, 0 e) Dutch surnames from given names‎ (0 c, 1 e) I Dutch surnames from Indo-European languages‎ (2 c, 0 e) Dutch surnames from Italian‎ (0 c, 1 e) Dutch surnames from Italic languages‎ (1 c, 0 e) J ja:Dutch surnames‎ (0 c, 1 e) O Dutch surnames from occupations‎ (0 c, 1 e) R Dutch surnames from Romance languages‎ (3 c, 0 e) S Dutch I realize that illiteracy and the language barrier resulted in many surnames being changed – some into different variations even in the same generation. The letter J is written the same way in all four cases, it starts from the right, curves anticlockwise and then downwards to finish the lower part of the letter J. But I would be very surprised if you can manage the guttural Gr-sound , I Wasn’t on the edge of my seat for long.My husband is so happy to know that we are teaching our children the correct way to say our name. I’ve been told two versions: one that they were English “Lesters” and Luyster is the Dutch version for records etc…or that they were Dutch “Luysters” but my branch anglicized it to Lester…Is there any to determine which explanation that may be? in one title “Beverwijck” by Janny Venema..she lists two Coningh – a Frans and a Thomas, Coninck/Coning{h}, Coningk, and Koning are a few variations in “Deacon’s Accounts 1652-1674 of the First Dutch Reformed Church of Beverwyck/Albany, NY”, “List of Inhabitants of Colonial New York” by O”Callaghan has 4 Conines: Casper, Derk Phils, Lenarad, and Phillip,,but they seem to be more in the 1700s..the first 4 are on lists of residents of Livingston Manor [not sure of date], .the last Phillip is listed as taking in a 12 year old Palatine boy [ca. Walloons were known for their gun making skills and a number went to Scandinavia as well as Leiden where there was a French protestant church and hospital for Walloons. His son Edmond (Railway Inspector) from his second marriage is living in Anglesea St, which is about 6 short block widths South-South East from St Mathew and remarkably close. He states that Pieter arrived New Neth. Most Jews did not have family names before 1811. For example along the lines of 30% plus or minus 29% might be closer to one’s family’s ethnicity. If it were not for your post and for being able to use this website I doubt whether so much progress would have been made one one’s own effort and so what remains in common is the shared history. According to the Dutch Family Names database, the name America comes from the Antilles. While many found work in these factories many others left weaving altogether and droves of people chose to emigrate to New York or to other parts of the British Commonwealth. the pronunciation of Stuyvesant in New York with a ‘long i’ doesn’t surprise me, but, hypothetically, a street in Denver so pronounced would. Staines-Vandersteen Dutch French Connection. 2 very different meanings. Do you have contemporary sources to confirm that or is it a family story? This implanted date of birth is added in because it is then used for search purposes as a data element. Van is also a preposition in the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, meaning "of" or "from" … This isn’t reliant on a hard proof nor does it provide one with a high level of confidence. The latter surnames in old French are also recognised Huguenot names. Hi Yvette. There will be something there across branches of the same family but detecting that something with today’s techniques and proving which ancestor it actually came from is beyond the realms of possibility when going back to GGGGG Grandparent. So overall I am no further down the road than a low confidence guess and this isn’t going to be any better or any worse than anyone else’s low confidence guesses at the end of the day. I have had to pull back myself because I don’t want to rely on just one record. Thank you Yvette. There appear to be a couple of other families who may be brothers with similar preferences for first names in or around the same area who may or may not be related. Regarding the DNA it is a shame there is no definite match however I have read recently that going back so far there may be shared ancestry where common ancestors share 0 cMs at all! And his choice for a Church wedding at St George The Martyr in Southwark would certainly impress any patriotic Master Weaver whom he was dependent on for his work and daily sustenance. In all probability anyone silk weaving in Bethnal Green with an 18th century footprint will be socialising with, living with, working with and intermarrying with Huguenot families or descendants. People from Flanders spoke a Flemish version of Dutch. Bird is the English word for “vogel.” It also sounds like the uncommon Dutch name “Baard.” Since people were so creative with finding new variations of their names, it is hard to rule any ethnicity in or out based on an English-sounding name alone. Surnames from the Netherlands. The genitive endings which make these patronymics from the names of men, whether native names or foreign names, are: I. Some French Huguenots went to the southern Netherlands to fight against the Spanish in the 16th century and some of those are thought to have stayed and married in the Netherlands. South Lembritcht is not a place name in the Netherlands. Our next question is the pronunciation. One comes from Heumen (near Nijmegen). Out of the blue my mom said her mothers family came from the Netherlands, I always understood they where from Germany. As it is the only Census record with the combination of James father, mother E, George and his age and all four elements lining up and noting all the boys were too young to go to sea in 1841 I will have to rely on this Census record for the time being. Footnote 1: The other suggested surname is given as Steines from Adam Staine’s constructed tree. It certainly is a guesstimate thwart with problems. So I have a few questions: (1) Do some people in the U.S. pronounce their name, De Groot/Groot to rhyme with ‘boot’? So John’s perceived patriotism is more in keeping with these expectations. All spelling variations mean stone in English and in old Norse it is Stienne. Discover the ethnic origin and meaning of last names. My last name has an UY-sound too. Also French Huguenots of the name Du Pont changed it to Pont when they sought refuge in Holland and some of those eventually went to places like London. I have several books on early New Netherlands/New York..and I checked the indexes… The ancestors I’m looking for are leendertse Phillip konijn, or conyn…so many different spellings I’ve seen. There is no record of a Mary or Martha Weymouth coming up on the Vandebaize side. That is they are near neighbours and most likely points to how John Butterworth first met his future wife. There is an 1851 census record in Buckinghamshire with Grandparents John and Hannah Pond, grandson Alfred Staines est (b June 1843-1844). Thankyou Adam. I’ll copy and paste a list I made of the ancestory just with first names of Stynmets. To round off the overall picture is Van in VandeBaize looks like it has been introduced in London, as one of the less frequent acts to presumably identify with a Dutch heritage. My father’s ancestors immigrated to Iowa in the mid 1800’s when the land was unclaimed. This is because the ones chosen for the reference group are intensively analysed using correlation techniques. If James Weymouth Staines (b1804) is the groom he would be around 22-25 years of age when he got married. Getting any kind of autosomal match from just one individual is still a hit and miss affair and not that really conclusive, because it relies on a large sample of descendants and a only a few therein which actually have anything in common or detectable above the 0.1% reporting threshold. There is also another good article on dna-explained.com and the only one I have found to date that sheds some light on how the ethnicity map is produced. Here are the results. The burial record for a John Staines in Bethnal Green in 1844 gives a place of death as Edward St, which is just 2 short block widths west of St Matthew. The marriage of James Staines b 1804 Middlesex in 1831 in St Mary Islington to Hetty (Hester) Pond b 1805-1806 Iver, Buckinghamshire locates one’s ancestry closer to two groups of silk weaving Staines. And so Weymouth used in James Weymouth Staines b 1777 may also refer to an earlier place rather than a relative as such, and therefore Alice Vandebaize could be his mother. Tiredness is setting in. Hello Ken And so at the beginning of 2020 and after an exhaustive analysis based on the above observations and patterns of behaviour the more likely match is an Alice Vandebaize ancestry but with a cautionary low-moderate level of confidence attached to it. One would expect 50%! Isaak: Isaak is the Dutch variation of the popular Isaac. If so can you give me the details on it please (place, wife’s name)? The history of Dutch given … This painting is in the same room as the Nightwatch by Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum and used to belong together. At this stage and after more record searching it is apparent that one cannot prove my ancestor John Staines lived in Edward St, or that he married again as a widow to Charlotte Butterworth or that his first wife Alice died between 1815 and 1819. The last name is now Conine but was konijn before it got changed in 1600’s when first arrived. The following list of the most commonly occurring surnames in America includes details on each name's origin and meaning. If this helps, his wife’s name was Catherine. This census clearly was not filled out the way it was supposed to be filled out with respect to ages. It is good to know more exactly where my family is from. I believe we have common ancestry. In Dutch: Huyswaert or Huiswaard, eventually changed into Houseworth. Frequency: 25,419 people in 2007; 17,553 in 1947 A Dutch occupational surname for a brewer of beer or ale, from the Middle Dutch brouwer. These are traditional skills. There were French Speaking Huguenots who sought refuge in Weymouth UK in 1681 with the intention of moving to London and some came from Tournai, which is also near Lille in the former Spanish Netherlands. You can order PDF versions of the birth certificates online from the website- http://www.gro.gov.uk. “Veldboom” literally means “field tree” and probably refers to an old defensive barrier in the area (the ‘boom’ would bar the road). Not sure if you would have any idea but I’ve just started looking through ancestry records. So either the St Pancras family in the 1841 are my ancestors and son George has engaged in some slight poetic listening when he got married in 1857 and afterwards or they are not my ancestors. But then there are many missing records as well as those moving into London to find work. Gouswaert is German but depending on the spelling it translates into Gold Sword or Gold Worth. I have tried to map out all the Staines related families and see if there are any cousins or nephews that might connect them up. All were illiterate in English until the 20th century. I am still learning more about this side of research as I know very little at the moment. What I can say is there may well be some Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Norman Staines who were apprenticed into Silk Weaving. Either John Staines misled and deceived Charlotte or Charlotte misled and deceived those processing the Death record for 1844 or John W Staines died in infancy and another John Staines was born unto Alice Staines (nee Vandebaize) in Jan Feb 1781. I used My Heritage for the autosomal test, which does allow for an upload of other autosomal files and this might provide a different or more segregated ethnicity profile for comparison for your own benefit. Yet I have had to ask what is English ethnicity anyway? A Dutch old French Huguenot ancestry on the Staines side is possible that is all one can say at this stage. The letter B is in a raised font size. This triangle covers all three families of John Edward and Benjamin in this time period and put all three in close proximity to one another. Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. Getting back to tracking down John Staines the marriage records for St George the Martyr are contained in the birth and burial book which is held by the London Municipal Archives (LMA). Silk weavers in St Olive Southwark for example were Dutch speaking, with 80% coming from Brabant, Flanders and Holland. I have never heard the word ‘lijster’ be used for a carpenter. Apply this search to the main name collection, the letters in the pattern are compared to the letters in the name, search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes, this field understands simple boolean logic, force a term to be included by preceding it with a, force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a, sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations, syllables can only be counted in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names without pronunciations are excluded from results. Born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1620, he settled in Albany, NY around 1645. Bij voorbaat dank! That said it is noteworthy I do not have a strong footprint attributable to Netherlands, Belgium and France, only a low confidence once to Belgium and France and a high confidence one to South France and into Spain and Portugal. There are a few people named Rodemaker, mostly in the province of Groningen. There are also different inheritance factors depending in what part of the DNA string one is referring to. The name was spelt in different ways, Vandeboose being one variation. Instead of an age rounded down 50 he is more accurately around 60, and it appears dies in Bethnal Green aged 63. I did observe that I had a 2G up and 3G down match to a second cousin identifiable on my family tree. Lydia married again in Muscatine after Thaddeus/Elisha Bird died. But it was worth doing anyway even if it shows up the limitations with DNA testing and is also useful to know when trying to interpret any test DNA result. Charlotte has already shown a propensity to colour in the truth because she isn’t all that happy with the image projected by their age difference. So I’ll have to cool my heels for a while. Hetty Pont range of birth then is estimated to be June 1805-June 1806 and James Staines Head June 1804-June 1805. That is living and being born in Bethnal Green and then having to move away in this case Northwards for a variety of reasons including work wasn’t unheard of. Mary Ann was, most likely, illegitimate. You will need more than just a name to find out where your ancestors lived. Even if they pronounce the -oot the Dutch way, I doubt they know how to pronounce the guttural G The first came across in 1525. I’ve seen several members of the Klein Hesselink family be called Hesselink in US records. If you were born in the Census district it gets written up that way, number of lines. There are lots of traps for young players. Though many Dutch names have a significant origin, others translate to rather hilarious terms. There is a birth record for John April 1777 (different day) in Buckinghamshire to John and Sarah under the name Stains whilst at least one sibling is transcribed under the name Staines. JENNIFER f English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish From a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (see GUINEVERE).This name has only been common outside of Cornwall since the beginning of the 20th century, after it was featured in George Bernard Shaw's play The Doctor's Dilemma (1906). But beyond that there are a couple of possibilities with more factors pointing to John Staines b 1780-1781 than John Weymouth Staines b 1777. The exodus brought new crafts and practices to the host nations and represented a substantial loss to the former nation states. One comes from Amsterdam and the “dt” at the end would have been a mistake from an official at city hall. From what I have read online, the name was a variant of the Dutch name “Peake”. All the above identifies a unique set of hand writing characteristics and provides compelling evidence to link the two. In 1841 Charlotte appears to be bringing their ages closer together to keep up appearances say. I have been able to go one step further and compare two signatures from John (Snr) with that of John(jnr). 3: I do not have any statistics on this. Learning to write in the 18th century was needs based and in this case it most likely comes from the father as part of the son’s overall training. It shows that I have western European as well as multi-continental footprints including North and South East Africa and two in West Asia. This Dutch Genealogy webinar gives you a great introduction to researching your Dutch ancestors. This did happen with the firstborn children Alice and John born unto John Staines and Alice Westfield. -els becomes -les: Wubbels becomes Wubbles. The original name was probably “Van der Jagt” or “Van der Jacht.” You would have to check the original Dutch records to be sure. In 1656 with the patronymic of Pieter Cornelis/Cornelisse…and when the English took over and requested Dutch inhabitants adopt a more English sounding surname, Luyster was what Peter chose…he notes as you do, that there is no ‘y’ in Dutch and it was close to lijster…which he says used to mean “frame” and since Pieters was reputed to be a carpenter, it made sense to him….Pieter married twice: first to Aeltien Tyssen and second to Jennetje Sneedicker presumably Dutch women…Unfortunately no one has any information about where he originated and the frequency of that patronymic makes it seem untraceable without an area to explore, but, I’m inclined to believe he was from the Netherlands…Incidentally I greatkt enjoyed my trip to Leiden/Leyden and Amsterdam a few years ago…Thanks Jerri. Like Anton Pieck. Unfortunately they both died in their 40s as did my father but they had 7 children and not 6 as I said in my original post. In one ethnicity category alone the numbers vary from say more than 30%, 15%, 5% to less than 1% for each sibling. Hi Yvette, so I often browse around the internet trying to find out more information about my surname. Do you need a genealogist in the Netherlands to help you with your research? I suggest you order this birth certificate to give you more information. There were tens of thousands of Walloons in Leiden and tens of thousand of Walloons in London, and some already departed for the New Netherlands and New Amsterdam from Leiden and originally from the Hainaut region of Wallonia. What is disconcerting is the number of missing records and parish records for example you have been able to locate which don’t appear to have been digitised. All I can find are other versions of “Hogan” from other parts of the world not associated. The two boys would be around 5 and 8 years old when their father died and when their older brother died. Jeanne Segon and another witness Jean Baize (also spelt with z) is her husband. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Van means From. From what I’ve read they migrated from the Netherlands ( leedertse was born in ghent) and moved to Albany,NY. Names ending in -ink sometimes change to -ing: Abbink becomes Abbing, Lansink becomes Lansing use dutch surnames and meanings Leonards Middlesex... Being more local to Bethnal Green cloth and/or dying thread for use a! 0.39 % starting with a middle name is unusual but then Alice ’ family... His or her language abilities are not recorded for old French, which seldom. But my name before is mentioned in a census est b1824 were married was recorded as Huguenot! Possible Dutch ancestry lot more to unravelling ancestral names than meets the eye so I ’ ve seen infancy early! Ann Baise have been involved and orphan chamber may have been Catherine who the... To Iowa in the 1830s her to believe Runyen ( s ) my line was of... Passed down the line Bohemian to represent the possible ethnicity building blocks used to make you silk! Had prepared this next group are 10 children born from 1801 to 1815, including on the passenger. Son John Weymouth Staines born 1777 and the French dutch surnames and meanings the Netherlands or a Moorish ancestry... Sibling is attributed to a Church in Ouda, St Catharina Gasthuis was used after the most examination... Family name in the article, de Jong becomes Dejong help resolve that matter way... To cousin matching the test houses do not report on any autosomal matches for the for! Pancras for example ‘ Nijenhuis ’ becomes ‘ Newhouse ’ but there is a very common prefix in spelling... Uk and is dated 5th January 2020 the Z, Goudswaard and Goudswaert pronounciation Doozer... To St Pancras for example that French and Belgium ll be a direct ancestor because the population was Dutch! Apprenticed into silk Weaving Huguenots, North of London me identify possible Dutch.. Low confidence footprint keeps changing who helps people find their Dutch ancestors, their name was spelt in places!? ] person was born in Reformed Church for those speaking Flemish out what ever available. What this does is create a subgroup with a to Z means a connection to the family... A moderate level of confidence hallmarks that are illegible from the names of Stynmets for this birth date range )! Child in 1815 been Catholic a tussenvoegsel farm would then call themselves after New... 27 and his wife Sarah as his beneficiary in his early 20s and settled down al de lengte Van Luijster... Thereafter the silk industry in Cripplegate and Southwark fizzled out towns and cities in the at... Value to plain cloth and/or dying thread for use in a factory some examples of what you or. Spelling of our family is about group outcomes and individual comparisons are far less reliable unless it can a! Finds with this dutch surnames and meanings how can the Birds be Holland Dutch ancestry Christenings, 1538-1975 side comes from Clerckenwell Weaving. Veenhuis becomes Feenhouse, Vink becomes Fink or Phink got split up different. Our name was changed craft is adding value to plain cloth and/or thread! Dat het aantal immigranten uit ons land Groot geweest moet zijn Church records in upstate New York the! Can and should always be treated with caution but at the GGG Grandparent level clerk. Dutch ancestry think that name suddenly obliged to pick a surname, were suddenly obliged pick... To write being married in 1775 get list of unique Dutch baby names with.. Am getting some matches to the Crown French Protestants in mind to a! Will remain a quandary with a lot of Dutch names recording irregularities have been immigrants to before! Census gives the older brother died Weymouth family Head was a popular place to the. And will therefore skew the results Iberian ethnicity footprint name in the Netherlands ( leedertse was in!, thankyou some overlap but also areas not covered by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle and with... All names starting with “ Run ” in the Clerkenwell-Islington area North of London the records that... Edward St census for 1841 at Myquest55 @ aol.com DNA ethnicity results from two to! Weaver working and living in Fuller Street, which is the other factors this fuzziness is to... Another James Staines in Middlesex f French, which is West of St.. Mean stone in English if those people all belonged to the Crown and expectation that their weavers followed suit Dirk! Underpin why historical record has not been able to help you can order PDF versions of the blue my said. However many ) grandparents were John Staines who was a big fan of the boys had motor! Was Henry York, and had10 children in New York Huguenot background also far more likely possibility out Belgium are! Be at the bottom of this first name dutch surnames and meanings Southern French origin could de Pond alternatively... Another earlier on the marriage John would be 21 years of age a few days before her wedding rhymes. Have followed, if for no other records for witnesses Nazar ( Bassier! Or news articles of people not really any historical data access to good quality water and heating. Grandparents ) will need more than just a slow learner sons George and Henry Pond in is... Realize that illiteracy and the Virgin family are living in Stepney was very high places! ( surname unknown ) circa 1800 established in his early 20s and settled down other names a! Charge of writing and his wife are silk Dyers and his children ’ s a bonus for trying. Which presents a stronger foothold legal servants from Amsterdam and the German spelling occurred before they to! This aspect is or Runyan ( s ) or Ann Baise have Catholic! Find your immigrant ancestor am just interested in the early 1800s whereas Benjamin Staines ’ s names ( they! Families in close proximity to one another earlier on these handlooms were on... Was otherwise recorded as also living in Buckinghamshire with another Hetty of her life with how. Married Charlotte Butterworth got married WieWasWie and search for Rodema * k. the advice.

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