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Using a 10mm socket wrench, attach the ground connector to the ground location underneath the seat and connect the wiring harness to the 500Q amplifier. Turning up the volume no longer has diminishing returns, as the stock audio system had. 2.0. The OEM Audio Plus subwoofer system shares a range of sound with the Front 6 X 9" Woofer, creating a more dramatic effect by delivering ever-present bass without impeding your musics clarity and detail. If you haven’t already, contact the company. Then, slide the subwoofer system into the floor and panel cavity until it rests in place. Route the radio and power side of the harness along the passenger side threshold utilizing the factory harness clips to the footwell area. OEM Audio Plus Toyota Tundra Featuring Beat-Sonic Products! You’d be hard-pressed to … On the preorder deal I think $1450 is a good deal for what you get. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! Secure the mounting bracket to the seat harness with the provided 10mm bolt. Connect the factory 10 and 6-pin connectors to the quick sync wiring harness, and connect the male quick sync wiring harness to the factory radio locations. 3.0. I didn’t install the system so was wondering if you could advise how I can remove the subwoofer. I give you the quick version on how my install went, some tips and finally how it sounds! OEM Audio Plus makes a couple of different options with this being the easiest to install and the most affordable price point. Get Up to 20% Off the Trail 4Runner Store! Carefully pull away driver and passenger side trim pieces below the head unit. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. Worth. **BRZ / FR- S PRODUCT SHOWCASE** FULL REVIEWS: Be-Are-Zee buddy32 … Just finished install of speaker upgrade only. Using a 14mm socket wrench remove the (4) bolts securing the passenger seat in place. Remove the seat belt trim cover as well as the 14mm seat belt anchor bolt. Also after reading this extremely helpful step by step here and watching… Read more », WOW….took my time (over the Memorial Day weekend to install) but OMGoodness, all I have to add to all of the other replys and say is, ” the OEM Audio +” just took my sweet refined ride along with my adventurous spirit, to a whole new level…. Run the quick sync wiring harness underneath the carpet through the passenger side threshold to the passenger side opening underneath the seat. or could I just add a different sub box to this? Gently pull away and remove the passenger side B-pillar trim. Remove the two plastic trim covers in the driver’s side cargo area and remove the two bolts with either a Phillips screwdriver or 10mm socket. 8″ Quad Voice-Coil Woofer. From all the reviews online they have a reputation of providing good customer service. 4.0. The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. The install took me a solid 4.5 hrs. Any idea when they will release the second sub? Remove the (2) hatch light assemblies and their connectors with a panel tool. The Best Buy location was top 5 in the country and he said they could not touch it at twice the price. Our speakers were honed out of a rigid performance criteria akin to how high-end audio loudspeakers are designed. But once you have the dedicated amp and can crank it to max on the controller, it’s very impressive for only a 10″ sub that’s vertically mounted way in the back. Oct 1, 2019 - OEM Audio Plus: Step By Step Installation & Review of the Reference 500Q OEM Audio Plus Specifically Designed Speakers For the 5th Gen 4Runner Reference 500Q OEM Audio Plus Step By Step Install & Review on 5th Gen 4Runner, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Trail_4R_Logo-4.png, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/oem-audio-install.jpg, C4 Fab 10-13 Lo Pro Bumper on 5th Gen 4Runner, 4Runner Armor, 5th Gen Mods, Front Bumpers, Install, Off-Road, Reviews, DIY Rainproofing Step By Step Guide: Adam’s Polishes H2O Guard & Gloss, Toyota Pro Shop Pro Grill & Raptor Lights – 5th Gen 4Runner, Alpha Rex Pro Headlights for 5th Gen 4Runner – Review & Overview, Spyder Tail Lights for the 5th Gen 4Runner. I figure I would, if I have the truck apart anyway…. After that, reinstall new OEM Audio Plus 6.5” speaker. OEM Audio Plus Reviews. 0%. (Did we miss your review?! Next, disengage the rear cargo net holder and remove the Phillips screw. Author, Import Tuner. NOTE: Always be sure the batter is disconnected. TIP: To get the best audio quality out of this new system, I highly recommend using a direct USB connection. You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more. Remove the (3) 10mm bolts holding the factory speaker in place. Remove the covers behind the door latch, below the grab handle, and above the grab handle with a panel tool. Member : Join Date: Aug 2015. This search led me to the obvious choice of OEM Audio Plus. Using a panel tool remove the cable clip, disengage the factory connector, and remove the whole assembly. It … Unfasten the grey and white carpet clips with a panel tool or flathead screwdriver. Remove the two screws holding the side panel in place. Remove the door lock control from the panel. Run the subwoofer cable through this side panel exiting the previous anchor point location. The EVO MTs are true rock tires. Attach power wire using electrical tape and pull through the grommet into the engine bay. It. Return the passenger seat back into place, reattaching bolts, and clipping in trim pieces. Those songs you love with presence and a little echo are amazing. Tuned specifically for the vehicle, this upgraded setup fulfills its wide range of jobs from impressing the parental with some smooth jazz to when you and your friends are getting pumped for a night you'll never forget. My name is Frank and I have a passion for photography, camping, and long road trips. Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the factory speaker in place and disconnect them. High resolution audio packages tailored specifically for your vehicle. 4.0. I wanted all the benefits of an amazing audio system with none of the confusion. Less of that road noise allows me to hear my music better at lower volumes. So I didn’t need the oem audio sub which saved me a little time and overall expense. My question is, if you had to do the install again, would you add sound deadening material? All of their components are designed from the ground up, using the most advanced technology that is not readily available to consumers, while meeting strict OEM standards. I pop mine out all the time to access tire tools, rear tail light, or the rear quarter panel when I am running wires for other projects. Way You Work. The OEM Audio Plus subwoofer system for the Tundra Crewmax is engineered to install seamlessly (utilizing existing hardware locations) and deliver our signature accurate bass response the moment you plug it in without compromising your music's clarity or vehicle space. Turning up the volume no longer has diminishing returns, as the stock audio system had. Do or are there any latches that I need to undo first? While the Toyota Tacoma is arguably the best mid-size truck on the market, it leaves quite a bit to be desired when it comes to the sound system. Won't get the thump of a 12" sub but space was important to me. it just simply pops up. Vanessa Lam. Connect the subwoofer umbilical cables to the OEM Audio Plus subwoofer connectors. The staging is perfection with no speaker directivity. Curious if you ever heard back from the company on this? Remove the latch assembly, unsnap and lift out the connectors. And I didn’t have to sacrifice any cargo space. Not intended to be a Commercial Post. May 3, 2019 - OEM Audio Plus: Step By Step Installation & Review of the Reference 500Q OEM Audio Plus Specifically Designed Speakers For the 5th Gen 4Runner I found myself skipping from track to track, skipping every few seconds, excited to discover new details in the sound that I’ve been missing out on. Do you run this set up w/the factory radio or have you run w/an aftermarket? The way I approached the install was to watched each step of the video, pause it, then execute that step on the truck. Operations Support Analyst. Average Rating (based on 1 OEM Audio Plus Review Rating) Company Culture. Finish by reinstalling the trim pieces, seatbelt bolt, and weather stripping in reverse order. Sub, amp, Dsp, 6 new speakers + 1" tweeters up front. 3.0. Subwoofer design is tailored specific for the 2016 Tacoma (Dbl Cab) installing seamlessly into driver side rear storage area without any mounting hardware. Although the subwoofers don’t produce those hard booms, it really holds it’s own and performs well. I JUST put the complete system in my wife’s brand new 2019 4Runner trd off road, today… and I’m totally disappointed with the result after spending the 1800.00 not impressed at all with the sound and looking at removing the entire system and returning to OEM. Remove the A-Pillar cover by pulling it straight out from the door. Oem Audio Plus offers award-winning premium car audio systems and after-sales solutions, with 25 years of experience giving them a broad understanding and know-how to develop plug-and-play solutions without any uncertainty in after-sales products. Starting at the bottom, pull away from the door interior, working your way up. A few subtle notes, it appears to me that Audio Plus has extended the wires on 6×9’s so you no longer need to adjust the stock wire harness to reach the new speaker inputs. I already had installed an alpine 8” powered sub, and replaced stock hu with a Pioneer DMH 2660NEX. We will never spam your inbox or sell your data. Using a panel tool (or fingers) remove the passenger side front threshold. Depth and detail remain consistent, no matter what volume level you’re at, even MAX. Reinstall in reverse order. Our content is pretty fire! And for those really wanting to add even more bump in the trunk, the system is expandable and the harness comes pre-wired for a second auxiliary subwoofer. I bought the speaker upgrade package for my 2020 tacoma. Finish by reassembling door in reverse order. I should have done it sooner. Using a 10mm socket, remove the 4 bolts holding the radio in place and remove the radio trim panel by gripping the sides and slowly pulling away. I was already familiar with removing many of the panels and trim pieces so if this is your first go a removing them then I’d expect to add a couple more hours to the install. Remove the two 10mm bolts holding down the rear cargo area threshold. 3.0. Lastly, install the 30 amp fuse and reconnect the battery. The stock Toyota audio system was tolerable, but now it’s time to do a full overhaul and find out what I’ve been missing out on. GET PAID FOR WRITING A 4RUNNER PRODUCT REVIEW OR STEP BY STEP INSTALL, Great write-up! And then remove the three screws from those locations. Before with the stock system, the compressed Bluetooth audio was almost indistinguishable from the USB connection audio. 7.8K likes. Cover the power wire with supplied wire loom and run along the firewall securing with cable ties, to the battery. !DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! The detail, clarity, it felt like I was hearing each song for the first time. The hardest part I found was running the yellow power wire.… Read more ». This made the install a breeze…I never needed to refer to the paper install guide. In this video I'll take you through my initial tuning the OEM+ Audio system and my review and impressions of the system. My 4Runner is my daily, weekend warrior and ticket to adventure. NOTE: The rear door disassembly is nearly identical to front door process. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Remove hatch panel by gently pulling away from the bottom working your way to the top. With the OEM Audio Plus system, those differences in quality become tangible. Tuck the carpet back down and run the cable from the passenger side to the driver’s side across the threshold area. Remove the passenger side rear threshold with a panel tool (or fingers). Continue by removing the passenger side kick well cover by unscrewing the plastic nut, gently pull away and disengage the factory clips. Wanted to create an archive of the reviews associated with the OEM Audio Plus Sound Solutions made exclusively for the BRZ / FT86 / FR-S: What are Owners saying about OEM Audio Plus? Apply foam tape to the underside of the spring seat and clip in the amplifier mounting bracket to the spring seat. This install time will take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours (based on your experience level). Hey John, I actually did end up installing sound deadening material a few days after installing this system. Using the alcohol wipe, prep the velcro strip area and cargo floor mounting location. Unwrap the speaker wiring harness to move the factory speaker connector down to its new location, rewrap, and install the new OEM Audio Plus speaker. 4.0. After hearing the sound quality for myself, I was sold. Lastly, reinstall the side panel and cargo threshold with all its corresponding hardware. 120 talking about this. People You Work With. I just got my system installed with the dedicated sub amp, and it definitely “THUMPS.” With the sub amp bypassed, its not super impressive, but noticeable. Does it simply pop up? 13.3k Followers, 879 Following, 2,101 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from OEM Audio Plus (@oemaudioplus) Details. NOTE: Be sure the wiring harness has enough slack for the seat to freely slide forward and back. TIP: Use a cable tie or wire rod to feed through the grommet. Besides, it helps keep phone charged. Rewards You Receive. Remove (3) 10mm bolts holding the factory speakers in place and replace them with the new OEM Audio Plus speakers. Thanks for your review! 4.0. OEM Audio +, Anaheim, California. TIP: Use a protective blanket or towel to cover the shift knob, Remove the under glove box panel by pulling directly down and away, Run the Quick Sync harness up through the passenger side of the footwell, up above the glovebox, reach through and then pull over to the factory radio. I’m stoked cause he said they will be incentivizing existing owners , Yep. Using a panel tool, remove the tweeter cover found on the dash. All with a form-fitting subwoofer for the rear cargo area. They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. Founded in 2007, OEM Audio Plus specializes in the design and manufacture of OEM-grade, vehicle-specific sound systems for your Scion. Hey man – that sucks you had a bad experience. The biggest improvement I noticed was more of a decrease of road and ambient noise coming into the vehicle. NOTE: A video tutorial can be found here. Gently lift back the seat and disconnect the (3) harness connectors. - Let me know in the comments below shipping was fast and The speaker are awesome and sound so much better than the stock speaker’s. I’ve emailed them, there supposed to reach out to me today, we’ll see what happens, but there’s nothing there gonna do other that off me a refund after I spend another 5hrs taking a brand new car apart(again) and removing the entire setup.

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