refrigeration capacity calculator

Total refrigeration requirement with allowances 23411 × 24 ÷ 18 = 31215 kcal/h If a pump is used to circulate refrigerant, the heat equivalent must be added to the capacity of the refrigeration Engineering News Calculating chiller and cooling tower refrigeration - in tons. ×Alternative for risk management in refrigeration systems in occupied spaces: according to RSIF 2019 IF04 Appendix 4. In case of modular cabinets, which have a higher door opening rate, a 2 factor will be applied. One refrigeration ton is equal to 3.5168525 kilowatts: 1 RT = 3.5168525 kW. Ashish jain 20 June 2017 at 11:24. In air handling systems, fans generally are sized to provide about 400 cfm / ton of refrigeration. To help you get the right size refrigeration unit, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration has put together a Quick BTUH Load Calculation Chart. Such temperature threshold will only be reached during 1% of hours in summer. This computer program is designed for cold room refrigeration load calculations. By default, the calculation will be done automatically for a rectangular-shape cold room with the dimensions and pannel thickness specified. All accessories and appurtenances shall be in their proper place. Fridge size based on family size The above table gives the better picture. wt is the theoretical weight of refrigerant. The company offers two different arrays of refrigeration circuits: a standard one with a 10-300 kW capacity and a complete array of refrigeration units for low temperatures (-45°C with evaporation at -10° C) with a capacity up to 300 Kw. It requires a minimum of input data to be entered, that are sufficient for most frequent tasks occurred in practice. For one person or bachelor 50 liters to 80 liters capacity is enough. For no insulated closures there should be specified a 0 mm thickness and it will be taken into consideration a heat transfer as if there will be a non-insulated wall. Often this load is negligible. Cold room type.- Specify the type of cold room among the preselected ones. Calculate tons of cooling capacity Tons = BTU/hr. ;