Splendid Foods, S.A.U.

Meat processors

Splendid Foods is a business group that integrates in a single facility in Seva (province of Barcelona) several brands of “fuets” and sausages once they develop a business of raising and fattening ecological birds with farms in Catalonia.

Owned by the Garcia-Gassull and Beulas family since 2010, all its products are included in a splendid food category.

In the plant of Seva, Comarca de Osona, inaugurated in 2007, it has one of the most modern facilities with a combination of maximum technology and the demand for high quality products and ancestral formulas.

The segmentation of the brands, in the market of the “fuet” and the longaniza, allows different positions such as Can Duran (founded in 1946) present in the modern distribution market where it has a coverage that places it among the largest brands in the sector “fuets” and sausages; El Angel (1982) with a more majority presence in the traditional distribution; the mythical Casa Sendra, the most exclusive salchichón since 1849; and the recovered Ecological Bofill (1898), the luxury in an ecological sausage.

And as regards the business of the ecological bird, with the brands Vive Bien and Ecological Farms, it is present in a market in strong growth since 2012. Being at present one of the undisputed leaders of this so incipient category of splendid and healthy poultry month.

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